Friday, March 14, 2008

Rachael Ray is desperate

Okay, not her personally, but her magazine. Desperate for good help, subscribers.... I subscribed back in the fall. Got one issue. The next failed to arrive. I called the company and the guy who answered informed me that the magazine wasn't published that month. Um..yes, it's November, I saw it on the newstand....just not in my mailbox. Since then, every issue has come with a plea for me to renew my subscription. Hello - it doesn't expire until October! It ranks right up there with the Coooking Light offer that I got once that offered me 0 issues for the amazingly low price of $0. Now that was an offer I couldn't refuse!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Not much new going on. The boys are both now playing indoor soccer. I went outside for the first time this spring without wearing a coat. I was just running to the building across the street, but no bundling up was required. My allergies are kicking in. I guess all of this combined means spring is on the way!